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Be engaged - Earn rewards

Talent Protocol app provides members with an exiting opportunities to gain rewards.

By leveraging the app's features and functionalities, individuals can earn $TAL tokens and different prizes.

Participate in community activities

We have plenty of ways for our community to earn rewards (USDT & TAL) being proactive. Learn more how to get involved below.

  1. Join our Ambassadors Program.
  1. Apply to one of our Bounties.
  1. Visit our scholarship program - Take Off by Talent Protocol
  1. Mint your Talent Mates
  1. Join our link.

Complete Quests

Quests page is designed to make it more engaging, rewarding, and fun to contribute to the Talent Protocol ecosystem. Complete quests and invite friends to earn $TAL and different prizes!

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If you bump into any difficulties, contact us on Discord or
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