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Where do rewards come from?

Platform Rewards are an incentive designed to reward users who actively participate in Talent Protocol. Both talent and their supporters earn rewards based on their activity in the platform.

Rewards are always paid in the $TAL token.

50% of the total $TAL supply is allocated to platform rewards. This pool of tokens is intended to help launch, grow, and scale Talent Protocol.

80% of that pool (400M TAL) will be distributed as automated platform rewards to the community over a period of 40 years (following an inverted quadratic downtrend function).

How are Rewards earned and calculated?

The amount of rewards each talent economy receives is calculated comparatively to all other talent economies. But, as a rule of thumb, the bigger the circulating supply of a Talent Token, the more rewards the talent and its supporters will receive.

Supporters get rewards in proportion to the amount they invested (talent tokens held). Rewards are calculated using an inverted quadratic downtrend function, which means the more diversified your investment is, the more rewards you get. Example: buying 10 tokens of 10 different talent will earn you more rewards than buying 100 tokens of a single talent.

Talent earns a percentage of total rewards paid to their supporters, proportional to how many of their own tokens they hold (even if they don't hold any tokens, they'll earn at least 1% of the total rewards). The exact amount of rewards a talent earns will depend on how many supporters he has and how much each of them invested.

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